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A dystopian scifi nightmare, The Subterranean Sea could be the soundtrack of a B-movie, noir, horror sci-fi thriller. Hailing from Melbourne Australia, Belle Phoenix is carving up stages with a performance art style rhetoric after the duo's rampage in Finland playing their raw and at times chaotic, music to whoever will listen, be it on the streets at private parties and various venues.  The duo has almost finished their second D.I.Y album TERRAFORM recorded at the local library after releasing The Glorious Dead vinyl record in Australia and France 2021 via Beast and Spooky Records. Garage Rock, Punk, Experimental, Noir, Outsider art. For some and not for others.  


The duo began recording through covid19 lockdowns in both Australia and Finland sending files through email. Belle lives in Finland. They both decided a drum machine would be a good choice during coronavirus and created demo's based on Belle's scifi horror visions of two lovers witnessing the collapse and destruction of the world.  The result is 'Terraform.'  After various trials and tribulations the pair settled on recording alone in a local library, coming to terms with their differences through collaboration.

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