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     Hailing from Melbourne Australia, duo Belle Phoenix and Osker Bickford on guitar carve up the stages of Europe, leaving a trail of their raw, chaotic, explosive noise that began in Australia and Finland.


     A hellish mess of punk and noise layered with sirenesque, vocals reminiscent of a bygone era. The duo has almost finished their second album TERRAFORM recorded at the local library in Tampere, Finland where Phoenix has been imbibing the cold, dark, and wet climate that entered the soundtrack, of dystopian scifi, collapse, littered with dark romantic, 'come hithers'.


     The Subterranean Sea belongs to a B-grade. noir, sci-fi horror on holiday by the beach. Blossom of Love was the first track to be released In 2021, and was labelled a 'gothic holiday'. 


     Blossom Of Love, produced by Lindsay Gravina of Birdland Studios in Melbourne, and the track was added to The Glorious Dead vinyl record that was released via Beast Records (FR) and Spooky Records (AU), it includes 10-tracks recorded in New York, Sydney and Melbourne Australia.

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